The Multiple Cropping Center was established in 1969 with an aim to promote and increase productivity of irrigated rice-based cropping systems in northern Thailand through multi-disciplinary research activities.  The Center expanded its activities from the field and farm levels to watershed and regional levels as new problems, potentials and issues emerged. It also extended the area-based research to upland rainfed and highland agroecosystems.

The Center has endorsed system approach to agricultural research and development since 1980 to strengthen the interdisciplinary interactions among the researchers. As the results the Center developed a well known Agroecosystem Analysis methodology since 1980 and the international graduate program in Agricultural Systems in 1988.

The Center is situated on the main campus of CMU, reasonably well equipped for physical, biological and social research facilities. It also operates 8 ha experimental farm on the fully irrigated land to support the agronomic studies of the staff and students.


  • Expand the uses of systems approach to improve agricultural production systems and natural resource management with emphasis on sustainable agriculture, decision support systems in agricultural resource management, and agribusiness and management.
  • Generate strategic information and technologies to support agricultural production planning and processes, land and water resource rehabilitation and agricultural business management.
  • Strengthening the graduate program in Agricultural Systems.
  • Offer technical services and consultancy to various groups of clienteles both inside and outside Thailand.