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        The DSSARM group at MCC focus their efforts on utilizing system approach, infomation technology and analytical tools to develop methods and information systems to support decision making at different levels ranging from field, farm, watershed and regional scales.

        Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing Image Analysis (RSIA), Global Positiong System (GPS)  are employed in various projects to generate spatial information while Modeling and Simulation is the basic tool used to understand and predict biophysical and socioeconomic processes together with outputs of the systems being investigated.

MCC Capabilities

        This multidisciplinary research unit has developed facilities and capabilities that can offer wide range of skills and products in the following areas:

Research Projects

    trired3.gif (203 bytes)     CMU-CU-APN::Climate Change in SE and Assessment on Impact, Vulnerability and Adaptation on Rice Production and Water Resource.
    trired3.gif (203 bytes)     MRB-Rice shell Computer-based research and training package.
    trired3.gif (203 bytes)     Development and Validating of a Sugarcane Model in Thailand.
    trired3.gif (203 bytes)     Rice Decision Support System.
    trired3.gif (203 bytes)     Expert System for Soybean Desease Diagnosis in Thailand.
    trired3.gif (203 bytes)     Thailand Soil Information System.
    trired3.gif (203 bytes)     Land Use Spatial Database for Provincial Resource Planning.

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