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Agribussiness and Management studies range from farm product to consumer demand and from outputs to input supplies.  In the past, studies involved understanding and evaluation of marketing systems of major commodities produced in the lowland and highlands of northern Thailand, so as to improve farmers marketing practices and production planning.

More recent research activities are devoted to analyzing impacts of (1) marketing methods (contract/non-contract), government policies and reforms (Vietnam and China) on production efficiency, quality, input use, technology transfer and variety selection,  (2) consumer's behavior and demand on processed farm produces are also conducted to identify market potentials for local commodities, (3) analyses of effectiveness of cooperatives (China and Phutan) and community groups to improve management and services provided to farmers.

On-going  research covers the following aspects:

  • quality demand and pricing
  • processed food demand for prediction
  • farm-processing linkages
  • input marketing and suppliers' roles on production improvement
  • optimal location of marketing facilities

  • MCC capabilities and focuses

        With emphasis on sustainable development of agricultural sector, research is geared towards answering questions and need of small/medium agribusiness and rural enterprises.  The ABM research group at MCC can provide guidlines and offer solutions in the following areas:

  • Market-oriented production planning and management
  • Small-scale integrated farm-management
  • Contract farming
  • Marketing management of farm outputs, inputs and services
  • Cooperatives and farmers' organization and effectiveness
  • Small rural enterprises (food and non-food)
  • Financial management of small agribusiness firms
  • Futures and options markets analysis
  • Export of non-traditional agricultural products
  • Risk management for production of agricultural commodities
  • Logistics management
  • Food demand analysis
  • Retail marketing analysis
  • * International Symposium Agribusiness Management

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