The Master's Program in Agricultural Systems (AGS) is a degree course for agricultural researchers, extension and development agents and planners from government and non-government organization working in developing countries. The basic program is set for two years and consists of one and a half years of course work, and six months of thesis. Total course work of 24 credits and 12 credits for thesis are required.

The objective is to equip graduate students with skill in problems identification and analyses, and be able to design, plan and implement effective research and development programs and to produce Master graduates who have skills and knowledge in theories, applications and integration of knowledge for planning, research and problem analysis.

The Program was first offered in Thai in 1983 and was later taught in English as an international program in 1988. It uses systems approach to tackle problems in agriculture and put emphasis on multi- and interdisciplinary approach to agricultural training at the Master’s level. The Program has received wide support from donors such as the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, International Development and Research Center, Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency and others.

Students are given an exposure to systems concepts in a series of required courses, and the necessary depth of understanding through elective courses. The course combines theoretical concepts, analytical tools, practicum, case studies, seminars and workshops to enable students to undertake interdisciplinary studies of agricultural production systems with a view to identify key relationships, priorities and questions for agricultural research and development.

The majority of students have working experience either as university lecturers or researchers from the region. The number of graduates since 1984 is 156, among which 69 are Thai and 87 are graduates from Vietnam (36), China(19), Laos (4), Bhutan (5), Nepal(10), Cambodia (3), Burma (1), the Philippines (4), Indonesia(4) and Bangladesh (1). The graduates from this program have contributed significantly to their home institutes in education, research and development in the fields of agriculture and natural resource development in the region. Some pursue doctorate programs in many leading universities around the world.

 Resources and Facilities

The Agricultural Systems Program academic staff is drawn from various departments within the Faculty of Agriculture. They are well recognized nationally and internationally in the field of specialization in Information Systems for Agricultural Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resources Management, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Business, etc. which can address issues related to agricultural development and poverty reduction.

The Program has strong linkage with other leading education and research institutions and close link with line agencies in Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. In addition, the Program is well equipped to accommodate research with 10 hectares of fully irrigated experimental station, laboratories for soil, plant and disease analysis and computer laboratory




   General Requirements

  • Hold a bachelor degree from an accredited college or university in agricultural or related sciences,
  • Have a reasonable knowledge of English (minimum TOEFL score of 500 or other proof of English proficiency).

   Required Documents

  • Two completed application forms with two recent I.D. type photographs
  • Two copies of official transcript (in English) of undergraduate work
  • Three letters of recommendations (one of which is from the applicants’ direct supervision)
  • One copy of proposed research project for his/her thesis
  • Application fee of $ US 20 (non-refundable)

   Application Forms

   Application forms and information may be obtained from

The Graduate School,
Chiang Mai University,
Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Tel. 66-53-942-405
Fax. 66-53-892-231

The Multiple Cropping Center,
Faculty of Agriculture,
Chiang Mai University ,
Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Tel. 66-53-221-275
Fax 66-53-210-000

   Tuition Fees

   Tuition and Fees for Two Years (approximate)

      - University tuition and fees: $ 10,500

      - Housing and living expenses: $ 5,000

      - Travel and thesis expenses: $ 1,500  

   Academic Calendar

      Semester 1: June to October

      Semester 2: November to February

      Summer: March to May

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